Baby Scans Bromsgrove

Are you pregnant? Are you searching for baby scans Bromsgrove? Do you live in the Bromsgrove area?

Well search no more, there are plenty of places you can go for a baby scan in Bromsgrove.

If you are pregnant and looking to have a baby scan in Bromsgrove, there are many options available to you.

At a scanning clinic, you can choose a variety of baby scans, such as 2D scans,3D scans and 4D scans. There are pregnancy reassurance scans, gender scans, presentation and growth scans and anomaly scans.

You will find most of the clinics that do baby scans in Bromsgrove are appointment only, but some may be able to get you in on the same day or within a couple of days if possible. By going to a private clinic, you will bypass the usual waiting time you have to wait if you are going down the NHS route.

Having a baby scan in Bromsgrove should be a relaxing and magical experience, you should be made very welcome and it should feel very non-medical! A baby scan is a precious moment to be enjoyed and you should be left feeling happy and overjoyed at seeing your little bump in more detail!

An early baby scan is something that is not available on the NHS, you can have a private early pregnancy scan without affecting your NHS entitlement and with prices starting at £45 and you should be able to take a DVD or pictures home of your baby scan in Bromsgrove to cherish forever.

You could also have a gender reveal baby scan in Bromsgrove, you can have these from as early as 16 weeks, so why wait to find out if your bundle of joy is going to be a boy or girl! The baby scan in Bromsgrove will take 5-10 minutes and then you can start planning, Pink or blue! Prices start from £79.

A presentation and growth scan involves a 5-10-minute scan that can confirm the normal growth and wellbeing of your baby. You should receive a report showing you the estimated foetal weight, growth measurements and take home with you a CD or DVD of pictures and images of the scan. These types of scans usually start at about £55.

An anomaly scan is to check for any physical defects in the baby. This can be carried out from 18 weeks and would usually take 30 minutes. An anomaly scan will look in detail at the baby’s bones, face, abdomen and spinal cord. It can also check the baby’s kidneys. The prices for these scans usually start at £99.

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