An eyebolt is a simple bolt with a loop at one end, these eyebolts are used to attach a securing eye to a specific structure, normally used to tie ropes and cables.

A lifting eye bolt is a hoist ring, these are economical, simple lifting devices suitable to be used with a standard eyebolt.

Eyebolts come in various shapes and sizes, there is also a thing called a shouldered eyebolt, these are used to attach an eye to a structure so that other hardware can be attached for lifting. These eyebolts must be made of forged steel that has been tempered.

An eyebolt is one of the most common pieces of material used in hardware. It is a simple design of a straight bar with a loop on the end. They are mostly used to be attached to wood or steel structures.

A plain or regular eyebolt will be used for vertical loading. Shoulder eyebolts can be used for both vertical and angle loading.

An eyebolt can hold up to 1550 pounds in weight. The degree has a big effect on the working load limit. An eyebolt is rated at 100 per cent of its working load limit.

Eyebolts are available in various finishes, such as Galvanised carbon steel, white plastic coating and stainless steel. The finish is sometimes not important, this will be decided by the client and if this is the case the cost can be bought down.