Cold Room Installation

If you are a business owner with perishable goods, you may have considered a commercial cold room – but what are they? Cold Rooms are usually a walk-in isolated room to keep given stock refrigerated or frozen at a cold temperature. Cold room installations can be completed on varying scales, from large commercial cold storage such as chillers and freezers to small cold rooms. They are most used in labs, pharmacies and restaurants.

Commercial Cold Room

The temperature of your commercial cold room can be altered to your required temperature depending on what good you need to store are. The most common industries that utilise cold rooms are hospitality, food, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

If you need to keep your goods frozen, fresh and pre-chilled, a cold room installation is an excellent way to do this. It is a practical and cost-efficient way to lengthen the lifespan of perishables and avoid waste and spoilage. Commercial cold rooms are usually located at the back of a premise or in a separate outbuilding nearby.

Can You Have Bespoke Cold Rooms?

There is the option to have a specially designed bespoke cold room if a standard one doesn’t fit in your space adequately. Usually, a cold room installation specialist will come to your premises, discuss your needs and survey the space. They will then prepare a to spec drawing for your bespoke cold room factoring in your budget. A bespoke cold room will be more expensive than a standard stock one, but it is arguably worth the price if it fits into your space perfectly.

Cold Room

Fitted Wardrobes

Living a 10-year old’s dream

When I was ten, my greatest dream was to have a walk in wardrobe like Hannah Montana’s. She’d open a seemingly normal wardrobe and walk into a 10 year old’s heaven. There was a turning carousel of clothes, shoe racks that came out of the wall to reveal even more shelves of shoes and a large pouffe in the middle where I could imagine myself sitting as I surveyed my abundance of attire. But, unfortunately, my parents refused to let me transform my sister’s room into a similar masterpiece. I put together what I believed to be, a compelling argument as to why I should be allowed to perform this make over. Topics such as the space saving nature of bespoke fitted wardrobes and the added value to the house were frequently thrown around. But ultimately, I was outvoted, three to one, on account that my sister needed somewhere to sleep.

Since moving out, I have been waiting for the day I can afford my own house and start designing and installing my own walk-in bespoke fitted wardrobe. I have accumulated all this knowledge regarding how to design your own bespoke fitted wardrobe but given that I’m a millennial and unlikely to ever be able to afford a house, I thought someone may as well benefit from my knowledge. So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to design your own bespoke fitted wardrobe from me, the expert who has never had the opportunity to try this out.


The first thing you need to consider is the layout of your wardrobe. This not only includes the interior fittings like the number of shelves you want but also the external dimensions of the space your bespoke fitted wardrobe will be. There are many companies that help with the design of your bespoke fitted wardrobe so don’t worry about getting the exact measurements. It’s just so you know the limits and aren’t disappointed when you finally talk to the builders and they say it isn’t possible.


Next you want to be thinking about what materials you want to build your wardrobe out of. The first thing you should do is think about your dream materials. What would you want the doors and shelves to made of? What will your colour scheme be and which materials work best with said colour scheme? Will you have hinged or sliding doors? After you’ve decided your dream materials start to consider your budget and look at cheaper alternatives for example, Ash and Beech wood are both cheaper alternatives to oak with the same sort of look.


Finally, you can start to focus on the flourishes and the design. This is your opportunity to really put your mark on the bespoke fitted wardrobe. Want a mirror? Have a mirror. Want door knobs like the ones your gran had? Whack them on. If you want a shrine to Boyzone, you can have a shrine to Boyzone. This is where the real fun comes in so don’t miss your opportunity to let your personality shine.


fitted wardrobes